Thank you for taking the time to know more about us
and the mission of Best Self Wellness, yoga for special needs.

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Jodi Eubanks

Founder| Lead Teacher

Thank you for taking the time to know more about me and the mission of Best Self Wellness, yoga for special needs.

I hope to know you in the same way really soon. I began this life in a vulnerable, isolated, and scary way. I have struggled beyond my wildest dreams and I have also been victorious; more than I could have once dreamed possible. I believe that I can overcome any challenge one step at a time. I believe it because I have witnessed even the darkest and hardest parts of my life change with mindset and practice. I bring this mindset into my work and believe with all my heart that the students I serve are my greatest teachers and healers. I love what I do dearly and trust that I have been chosen to bring this mission to life. My dream is to empower others and uplift any who are struggling or just need a little extra support.


I have practiced and studied yoga for over twelve years and it is my life. Through yoga, my life has been transformed in so many wonderful ways. I have a strong appetite to learn more and help break barriers for others. Yoga offers me a path to lighten the weight life can bring. It has a strong, transformational, and healing light within its philosophies and practices. My hope is that all who seek it find their way home. 



Jennifer Schoolcraft


Volunteer Coordinator 

Jennifer currently live in Paducah, Kentucky and is originally from Seneca, SC. Jennifer is a proud mom of 4 amazing kids, ranging from 22 to 11 years of age. Her youngest daughter, Chloe, was born with several neurological conditions and visually impaired. She says her life’s journey began September 5th, 2009; what she dubbed as her "Chloe Experience.'' 

Jennifer says that being a special needs parent has been life changing but considers it a gift from god. Chloe’s diagnosis includes: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Septo-Optic Dysplasia, Hemiplegic Cerebral palsy, Hypotonia of her left side, Autism, Polymicrogyria, Hypoplasia of the Corpus Callosum, Sensory Integration Disorder, Tourette's, Global Learning Disability, and Dyslexia. 

Jennifer is a homeschooling mom and loves doing community outreach. She’s a giver and passionate about giving back to those in need. She teaches her kids to leave places better than found, always offer a hand, live a life of love and purpose.

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Best Self Wellness, Jennifer shares her plethora of knowledge regarding the special needs community and is most excited about having the opportunity to assist her sister, Jodi Eubanks create more yoga inclusivity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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We are compassionate, caring, creative, fun, and community-focused.

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